Communication is the foundation upon which innovation and progress is built. We build that strong foundation with what we’ve dubbed the ABCS, the building blocks of effective communication—assessment, branding, content, and strategy.


We cut the fluff and help you dominate the basics to create clear messaging that resonates with your audience.

We cut the fluff and help you dominate the basics to create clear messaging that resonates with your audience.

Our playbooks contain strategies and tools that identify and measure the metrics most impactful to your mission and business objectives.

Strong brands are built with clear messaging. We listen and learn your brand before we launch it into the world with a laser-focused campaign strategy.

Content should be omnichannel, but also strategic. We develop content for the mediums and platforms most likely to reach your target audience.

Story is key to our strategy. We use proprietary, science-based story models that fuel our communication and content strategies.


Rogue Water brings the strategy, skills, and tools to take your game to the next level. Communications done well are the differentiator enabling you to achieve your goals and grow your impact. An investment in communications is an investment in your future.


We bring our multi-talented team to every client and every project. With a decade in the utility world and in-house experts on business, policy, marketing and more, we understand your needs and help you identify, strategize, and execute on the missing pieces.


Crafting your communications through the lens of your audience means they get it, and you get the results you want from it. Human-centric design thinking guides everything we do.


We speak your language. We also speak the language of consumers, customers, partners and regulators, and can translate your goals into messaging that resonates.



Beyond the depth of insight and industry experience they bring to the table, Rogue Water is fueled by a passion that makes them a missionally-aligned extension of my team. The content strategy they create is compelling not just because of its relevance, but because of the way it meets our audience on their journey to becoming a customer-focused utility.

Isaac Pellerin, 120 Water

The Pacific Northwest Clean Water Association has been working with Rogue Water for more than two years. This tremendous team of professionals has helped our organization find, and focus, our voice and consistently reach our audience. Rogue helps us narrow our focus to increase our impact – something that is difficult to do on our own. In addition to being talented professionals, they are the kinds of people you want to work with – smart, kind, and funny.

Haley Falconer, PNCWA

Rogue Water is the breath of fresh air that the water industry needs. They combine their expertise and passion with cutting edge communications strategy to help our members think differently about how they engage their customers and achieve their water-saving goals.

Mary Ann Dickinson, Alliance for Water Efficiency

Rogue Water has developed education materials that help water agencies think outside of the box when it comes to public outreach. Especially in a time of increasing drought, changing state mandates and an uncertain water future, they bring a new perspective to encourage the water industry to be more proactive in their engagement, while providing the tools and training they need to succeed.

Tia Lebherz, California Water Efficiency Partnership

I've heard quite a few times that storytelling is important and have learned the key elements to have and such but the H2duO did a great job of actually getting into the details needed to understand how to utilize this in our work. A big light bulb went off when they said that the main character is your intended audience and that we were the guide- that changed everything!
I really enjoyed all of the information and presentations in this module. Definitely bring back the H2duO! I also enjoyed the pre-session readings/podcasts.

Attendees, Water Center at Penn Leadership program, 2021


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