First Impressions and Peaceful Intentions

September 9, 2020

By Mike Beitler, Creative Jedi, Rogue Water

A Minute with Mike, Creative Director at Rogue Water


One of the earliest depictions of a handshake is found in a 9th-century relief where the Assyrian King Shalmaneser III is seen shaking hands with a Babylonian ruler to seal an alliance. It is proposed that, in these ancient times, an extended empty (weaponless) hand was a gesture of peaceful intentions. It is also suggested that the up-and-down motion of a handshake was supposed to dislodge any knives or daggers that might be hidden up a sleeve.

Fast forward a couple thousand years and the handshake is still going strong. We’re not sure how effective a high-five or fist bump would be at dislodging a hidden dagger, but the greeting still holds its power.

We’ve all experienced a bad handshake. Maybe it was the ‘dead fish’ or the ‘hand crusher’. Maybe it was too awkward to describe. Either way, no one enjoyed it. A handshake should be firm and significant, but not overpowering. A good handshake shows confidence and peaceful intentions.

Ready for the plot twist? This isn’t a blog about handshakes; it’s a blog about branding and the idea that

your logo is the handshake of your brand


Whether your audience is looking at your website, your social content, or your business card, your logo is there to greet them. (If it isn’t, call us immediately.) A logo should be personal, purposeful, and follow the rules. Stay tuned! We’ll cover the rules of successful logo design in an upcoming post.

Until then, does your logo evoke a sense of confidence and good intentions, or should we be shaking to dislodge a dagger?


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