The Recipe to Stephanie’s Amazing Presentations

July 27, 2023

By Duke Greenhill, Karry Liu, Brand Guardian.

If you’ve ever sat in on one of Stephanie’s presentations, you know how good they are. One thing that contributes to their goodness? The visuals. Also known as slides. Here are our rules for Stephanie’s slides.

Fill the slides with relevant images

We fill the entire slide with images, loud and proud. These images are relevant, impactful, crisp, and easy to see. If that means lightening or darkening an image to help with visibility, we do it. If your slide is about chameleons, pick an image that has chameleons. It seems so simple, but it makes all the difference.

Use few to no words

  • Get to the point when it comes to text. Let yourself do the talking, not the slide. No one in your audience is there to read an essay.
  • When you do include words, make them big enough for the crowd to see. What’s the point of having big screens to project on if you’re not going to use all that space?
  • Bullet points are your friend (see how they’re making this article more readable?). especially when you make each bullet point its own slide. What we like to do at Rogue is reveal each bullet point slide by slide. This creates a bigger deck and costs a few more minutes of your time, but it’s worth it because it keeps your audience focused on what you’re talking about, rather than getting distracted by the next or previous bullet point.
  • Got something a bit more wordy like a stand-out quote? Don’t worry. Put it up there. We do it, too. Just try to limit what else you include on any given slide.

Brand it, baby

It wouldn’t be very Rogue of us if we didn’t include this. Stick to your branding! Apply it to your presentations! You’ll end up creating a presentation template you can use over and over again.

Keep the conversation going

Sometimes, there’s a shy person in the crowd, a person in a rush, or someone who needs time to digest everything. We love having a contact side at the end for people to take a quick photo and save for later. Add your social handles, your email, number, or even a cute photo of your dog.

And there you have it. You just leveled-up your presentation game.

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