Welcoming Tim Moran!

October 8, 2020

We are pumped to announce the newest member of our Rogue Water family: TIM MORAN! He joined us full time on October 1 as our Client Alchemist.

Wait a minute—you might be saying—Client Alchemist is not a real thing! We beg to differ. An alchemist is defined as, “A person who transforms or creates something through a seemingly magical process.” While what we do at Rogue Water isn’t magic per se, the creative process may appear to outsiders as such. And that’s what Tim is here to do for you, dear clients: demystify this seemingly magic process. From start to finish, he’ll be your guide as we co-create a fantastic campaign that meets your goals and gives your audience an unforgettable experience. 

Tim’s alchemy ingredients: client objectives, audience perspective, creative content, impactful images, best practices, water (of course!), and our special Rogue element. 

Next you might be asking—why should I trust this guy with my communications? That one is easy: Tim is a leader with 14+ years’ experience in marketing, communications, product development, and portfolio management. As an active member in WEF, Clean Water Professionals of KY/TN, AWWA, and KY/TN Section of AWWA, Tim is dedicated to advancing the water profession.

Want to get better acquainted with Tim? Set up a 30-minute coffee date and see where Tim and Rogue can help you make communications magic!


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