Master Meter

The Brief:

Communicate effectively with decision makers within utilities and assist with the marketing strategy and content development. Rogue Water assists Master Meter with a diverse range of projects including digital media content and strategies, such as blogs, social media content creation and management, eBooks, videos, brand and customer profile consulting, media releases, value-added content, including definitive guides, lists, and infographics.

In A Nutshell

  1. In-Depth Discovery
  2. Customer Personas
  3. Social Media Audit
  4. Content Audit and Calendars


  • Award-winning content (e-book-Zweig and Worthy Awards)
  • 10.06% engagement rate on LinkedIn (2-3 times higher than the competition)
  • Increased social media engagement overall
  • Increased recognition at industry events

What Drove Our Success

Diverse content

We repurposed strong content across multiple customer touchpoints throughout the buyer matrix.

Speaking the language

Stemming from our experience working in utilities, content was built around the language and values familiar to utility decision makers.

Attention to detail

We worked closely with Master Meter staff to ensure their digital presence was authentic and relevant. Customers always know where and when opportunities exist to engage.