Pacific Northwest Clean Water Association (PNCWA)

The Brief:

Develop and implement consistent, quality content for PNCWA, a volunteer-led WEF member association in the Pacific Northwest with 1500 members. A priority for PNCWA was receiving input from the 23 committee chairs—to ultimately build engagement with members. Touchpoints for members included email, social media, website, and the annual conference.

In A Nutshell

  1. Developed communication strategy and content calendars
  2. Deepend engagement with board and committee chairs
  3. Laser-focused social media strategy
  4. Website audit, updates, and content development
  5. Monthly e-digests
  6. Enhance live social presence at annual conference


  • Increased conference abstract submittal
  • 47% increase in followers on LinkedIn
  • 100% increase in engagement rate on LinkedIn

What Drove Our Success


We started by really understanding the diverse audience of the organization and focused social media efforts on the platform most likely to engage most members.

Smarter not harder

As a volunteer-led organization, every initiative must be strategic. We created content that could be pushed across multiple touchpoints to create a sustainable cadence for the organization.


We made it incredibly simple for members to send us real images and updates for us to create content from because the authentic content generated such noticeable engagement spikes with members.