Our Story

We’re called “Rogue” Water for a reason. From our founding on a cocktail napkin in 2014 to our award-winning and industry-leading present, our mission has always been to revolutionize the water sector through communication and storytelling.

What makes us unique? We know water… but we aren’t all “water nerds.” Our team is a mix of water professionals and executive-level creative operatives from Madison Avenue to K Street to Hollywood.

Together, we represent over half-a-century of strategic communications and marketing experience. Together, we offer an enriched knowledge of water issues and the complex nuances of municipal politics, and a first-in-class track record for developing audience-centric communications that inspire and persuade.

We’re grateful to the clients and partners bold enough to go rogue with us. Are you bold enough to “go Rogue?”

Stephanie Corso

Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder

Stephanie serves as a lighthouse for the vision and mission of Rogue. She is passionate about gaining and spreading knowledge to help others grow. Her love for water and telling its story is palpable across all her communication mediums. Stephanie ensures curiosity and growth and the avoidance of stagnation.

Duke Greenhill

Chief Marketing Officer

Duke is an award-winning executive communications executive with 25 years experience leading growth and transformation engagements for Fortune 500 companies, U.S. Presidential campaigns and nonprofit clients. He’s written about strategic communications, creativity, storytelling and leadership for Fast Company, the Harvard Business Review, The Wall Street Journal and more. Currently, he is a professor at TCU in Fort Worth and is literally writing the book on emotional intelligence in business.

Mike Beitler

Creative Jedi

Mike brings nearly 20 years of experience in marketing and advertising to our team. His passion for well-crafted, conceptual design tells water’s story in a manner that demands attention.

Tim Moran

Client Alchemist

Tim takes care of our clients and is our account manager. He brings over a decade of experience in marketing and keeps our growing team streamlined.

Karry Liu

Brand Guardian

Karry leads our social media vertical and supports the Creative Director by executing design elements based on strategic art direction.

Arianne Shipley


Arianne cofounded Rogue Water in 2017. She served as COO and 1/2 of the H2duO until May 2022 when she departed to start her own journey with her family on the farm. She continues to support water communication, especially in rural communities.



Our logo includes a chameleon (yes, we had one named Zeek). Sadly, Zeek passed away in September 2019 but his legacy lives on as we continue to help clients win over the lizard brains (amygdala) of their audience, adapt to their different audience’s needs, and bring color (out-of-the-box thinking) to a traditionally neutral toned, risk-averse, industry standard.


We believe if you’re going to show up for work at least forty hours a week anyway, you might as well aim for excellence.